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CHEERS! Mustkies must have on-the-go beverage or spirits bag.

CHEERS is extremely stylish, reusable and perfect to help you look your best while transporting your beverages to different events. On the go tote to carry your spirits to holiday parties, pool parties, picnics,  BBQ's, restaurants and Thanksgiving get togethers.

Handmade, unique design crafted in our signature waterproof canvas.  Extremely durable and easy to clean. There is with an infinity shoulder strap, that wraps around the bottom of the bag creating added weight support. On the inside you will find three strap inserts which prevents your bottles to "ding". If you are looking to just carry one bottle, no problem. Secure your bottle in between the 3 straps  via a weaving method.

Available in 4 colorways & Customizable

  • Black with Camouflage Strap
  • Black with Zebra Strap
  • Green Camouflage with Black Strap
  • Teal with Teal/Navy Strap

Size: 11T x 4.5W x 8L

* All straps can be customized to the drop you prefer *

Perfect GIFT for wine lovers!

Versatile! Use it to transport other beverages




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