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Dog beds with ZIP-OFF Interchangable Tops - Mustkies|Poochkies

Handmade custom dog beds with a zip-off interchangeable tops from The Poochkies. Our sister company, The Poochkies  is a online boutique family business that has revolutionized the humble pet beds. Creating a practical, comfortable and hard wearing dog bed for your pets that can be customized to blend flawlessly with your home interiors. The handmade dog beds come with 2 interchangeable ZIP-OFF tops, crafted with in high-performance fabrics (stain, fade, odor resistant) making cleaning easy and quick. Zip-off the soiled top within seconds for quick washing, while zipping on the second top in its place, allowing your pet to always have a bed to lay on while the other top is being washed.

The Poochkies offers unique ready to ship designs in addition to FREE  bespoke personalized custom design service to ensure that your companion’s dog beds & matching throw pillows perfectly matches your home decor and lifestyle.

Please note all custom design are made to order and can take up to 4 weeks delivery time.

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